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I thought for a long time about sharing my proposals and eventually decided that sharing this part of my science was likely to result in more good than bad. In introductory science labs, we ask students to provide data to support their claims; why should the scientific enterprise deviate from this same concept when awarding and funding "science" (decisions supported by data)? If everyone in the field knew what everyone else was working on, we might also enable ourselves to be much more collaborative as a discipline. Newcomers to science wouldn't need to rely on getting the inside scoop about grants, but instead might have a fighting chance on their own. Incorporating rigorous and reproducible assessments in scientific funding (figuring out which proposal is actually better) seems to be a myth (despite good intentions). This is further complicated by a lack of evidence (data, methods, and discussion) available to the public to review.

For some people, science is about getting the credit, increasing their h-index, publishing first, etc. (There is nothing wrong with feeling this way; such attitudes are vital for many of the complexities of modern science). For me, science is about improving the body of human knowledge. If you are going to scoop me on an idea please let me know; we could collaborate or I could move onto something else. There are so many problems out there that we don't need to solve the same ones twice.

Funded proposals

Improving DFT Methods: A tool for predicting NMR spectra and diversifying science Renewal (2019)

Improving DFT Methods: A tool for predicting NMR spectra and diversifying science UC Presidents Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017)

Unfunded proposal graveyard

These are uploaded as examples to help others, but please note that they didn't get funded. Some proposals are not included due to co-author requests

Improving density functional theory to study trace paramagnetic-containing solids with nuclear magnetic resonanceArnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship (2018)

Hyperthermal ion interaction in Earth's upper atmosphere NSF Earth Sciences Postdoc (2017)

Hyperthermal ion interaction on comet ice NSF Astronomy Postdoc (2017)


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